Legos, Paper & Machines

Challenge kids to build these designs or invent their own.  This is a great project for a LEGO club!

We used twist ties to attach a Sharpie to the machine.  It’s pretty simple – just spin the arm and the machine draws a circle!

Try Building a Circle Drawing Machine:

Make the circle smaller by moving the two long Technic bricks over in relation to the center.

Here are the pieces that we used to make the arm spin.  The black piece is a turntable, free spinning. (The link goes to Brick Link, which is our favorite site for ordering individual LEGO bricks.)

Draw a bunch of circles, and then color in the spaces!  Jonathan (4) was a little young to use the circle drawing machine by himself, but he had a blast coloring in the circles.  Kept him busy for a long time, and it looks really cool too!  (I colored in some of them myself – fun activity!)

Challenge your kids to invent more designs.  What can you build with LEGO and paper?  Have fun tinkering with LEGO machines!

What other machines can you build to do something with paper?  Maybe a folding machine? Visit Frugal Fun for BoysClick here to see the original post and make your own Lego paper crimper.


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